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Why to Fear When Sai Baba is There

Author :Dr Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari
Year of Publication :2015
ISBN :9789380619965
Language :English
No of Pages :264
Size :20
Categories :Religion & Spirituality
Price : US$15.00

About the Book :

This book is about the wonderful miracles, which the author has experienced in his life as a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. It promises to the readers a wonderful journey of divine romance with Shirdi Sai Baba. The readers would feel the divine presence of Baba by reading these experiences and feel connected with Him. Even a general reader, who is not a devotee, will feel the power of faith and will change his life’s perspective in a positive way.

Moreover, by reading the experiences and incidents mentioned in the book, the readers will be convinced that ultimately faith triumphs over pain and suffering. Faith can do wonders. It has done wonders in the past; it is doing wonders even today and shall continue to do wonders even in the future. In the war between faith and suffering, faith has always been victorious and this is the message which the author wants to give to the readers.

This book will also be an eye-opener to many a sceptic, blinded with a veil of materialism and obsessed with a prejudice against the reality of anything, which has not yet been stamped with the approval of modern science. The experiences as recorded in this book and the testimony of so many devotees relating to the wonderful miracles of Baba would serve to dispel ignorance and doubt and infuse faith and devotion in the mind of the readers.

The book shall lift the spirit of anyone, who is in pain and who is finding it difficult to wage the battle of life. It will reaffirm his or her faith and re-instill in him or her the courage to move on.

About the Author :

The author completed his schooling from Don Bosco, Bandel and thereafter earned his B.Sc degree from the University of Burdwan. He graduated in law from the University of Burdwan and stood first class first in the college and 2nd in the order of merit in the University. During his LL.B days, he participated in various moot-court competitions and programmes and won a silver medal in the Inter-College Youth Parliament competition conducted by the Department of Parliamentary affairs. He stood first class first in the University and topped the University with record marks. He was awarded the prestigious University Gold Medal for topping in LL.M. He has also qualified the prestigious UGC-NET examination. In 2005, he earned the Doctorate Degree (Ph.D) from the University of Burdwan. In 2006, he joined the Law Department of University of Burdwan as Lecturer in Law and is presently serving the institution as Associate Professor. In 2011, he was also appointed as the Head of the Law department in Burdwan University. The author has an experience of 14 years in the academic field. He has authored seven books and published till date about 30 articles in various law journals and has participated and presented papers in various national and International Legal Seminars, Conferences and Symposia. He has presented papers in conferences at London, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, Dubai, Mauritius and Japan. He has supervised various dissertation works of LL.M students and is also supervising research scholars enrolled for Ph.D programmes. He has written many books on law, which are popular among the students of law and members of legal fraternity. He has also written a self improvement book titled Stop not till the goal is reached, which was published by Pustak Mahal, New Delhi in 2010. Apart from his academic brilliance, the author has also made a mark in the music field. He is a renowned mouth organ player and has performed in many functions and programmes. He is a poet and a writer and his poems and writing have found place in various magazines. His book of poems titled Sentiments of Life is a conclusive testimony of his poetic brilliance. He is a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba and believes in His teachings and also in the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and considers him his spiritual Guru. Author can be contacted at: samesivut@yahoo.com

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