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Frost Bites: 12 Short Stories of Being Away, Lost In The Coldness of North America

Author :Jude Paul Fernandes
Year of Publication :2014
ISBN :9789380619712
No of Pages :200
Size :20
Categories :Fiction
Price : US$15.00

About the Book :

The imaginative writing from Frost Bites takes us on a swift and urbanely witty Canadian-Indian tour of uprooted lives and dreams, love lost and rediscovered, kindly strangers, failed marriages, child abuse, addictions, secrets and lies, where nothing appears like it is on the surface.
Cynical, at times provocative, eye-opening, original, amusing and unforgettable, and set in the cities of Toronto, Vancouver and Delhi, Punjab, Mumbai and Goa. Here are twelve short stories that entertain, provoke and reveal the real immigrant experience.
As Jude himself admits, “I am not a megalomaniac. I communicate with an audience, writers are essentially unseen entertainers, so I made sure that I read everyone-from Tagore to Lahiri, Desai to Mistry, Rushdie to Hamid-to find a new voice that was entirely my own...and thereafter take my reader and acquaint them with people that they have never met before.
I wanted to entertain, enthral, excite and emotionally involve my readers and tell them the kind of stories that nobody else has, or dares to...and to remember the characters in Frost Bites long after they put down the book...then like you would an old friend, re-visit them again.”

About the Author :

Jude Paul Fernandes comes from a family of prolific creative people painters chefs and writers. He was born in Nairobi, Kenya and his parents re-located to India in 1972. He learned Konkani from his Grandmother and immersed himself in discovering the distinct history of his Goan roots an amalgamation of Indian and Portuguese influence. He settled down in the city of Mumbai where he completed his graduation and worked as a Creative Director in some of the topmost Advertising Agencies where his campaigns received recognition and awards. Jude migrated to Toronto Canada in 2003 where he presently lives with his wife. In 2006, he attended the Humber College for Writers program. Soon after his short stories got published in Anokhi Magazine and anthologies like Canadian Voices II and Indian Voices. Frost Bites is his first book of short stories. He is currently working on a novel titled The book of the dead his 2nd book of short stories based in Mumbai called Lonely in Mumbai and a novella based on his childhood experiences Bye Bye Teacher. He believes that all of us on this earth are ordained by our Creator for something truly special some of us find it early in life others later on.

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