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The legacy of participating in the book industry was handed down by the Late Lala Khazan Chand Mittal from the pre-independence era to the present day.The year 1974 saw the founding of Concept Publishing Company (P) Ltd. which emerged as trail blazers in academic publishing.

In March 2009, a new star appeared on the firmament of Indian publishing. Belonging to the fourth generation of the family of publishers, Devashish Mittal entered into the fray with a multifaceted programme of bringing out books on a variety of subjects. Good Times Books Pvt. Ltd. (G.T.B) was thus born to cater to a new generation of readers whose lifestyle demanded a greater awareness of the world around them.

Despite the electronic media and other attractions, books, in particular, non-academic and handy to read, have gained a readership among various age groups in society. GTB aims to fill these gaps and kindle interest in a number of hitherto unexplored areas in Indian publishing. Indigenous publishing in these new areas will offer a welcome chance to mirror Indian society today and help in promoting a better understanding among the youth in the process.


Our aim is to bring to the reading public books that will entertain, inform and bring a depth of understanding of the world around us. Handy, readable books on business, management, self-help, mind, body & spirits, coffee-table, biographies and fiction will provide readers of all ages with gateways into new realms of inquiry. A glance at the categories of books that GTB aims to publish is self-explanatory. Their very Indianness will be an enabling factor in reaching out to a larger section of readers who will definitely benefit from a healthy exposure to these books. Our Present target is to bring out modest 50-60 titles each year. These publications will, in turn, provide a fillip to the promotion of Indian publishing in English which has now come into its own. Fresh and young voices can be heard and a debate can be set up in each area whose ripples will spread far and wide.


As part of our expansion programme we will be acquiring Indian Sub-continents rights to foreign publications so as to make available the work of well-known authors from around the globe to the South Asian Market. These editions will be exclusively for this market at attractive prices.


In order to keep pace with the advancement of technology, we at GTB aim to enter into following new arenas at a future date:

I.   Coming into Regional Languages publication.
II.  Digital books, audio books & CD Rom’s.
III. Children Study Aid.
IV. Mobile content development.
V.  Magazines.


So come with us and we will transport you to a world that will surely fulfill all your needs. At GTB our books reflect the values we hold and the manner in which we work towards our goals. Our hope is to carry our readers along with us as we grow in stature.

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